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Tanjul Sarkar is a photographer based out of Hyderabad, India. She pursued her post-graduation diploma from Light and Life Academy, Ooty, India in 2019.

Tanjul is most inspired when she travels; she believes that encountering new cultures, people, and places broadens her perspective. She loves to explore the art of visual storytelling to capture images that stand out with an eye for detail and light.

'I am always very inspired by the very basis of our existence, which is light,' she says of her work. While traveling for both personal and commercial reasons, I never fail to capture something that inspires my interest. I've been printing my work frequently for the past two years and realized that these beautiful images simply cannot die on hard drives. These images only come to life when they are printed, and even more so when they are appreciated and looked at. The driving force behind bringing "Breathe" to life.

Every print that is shopped. it only adds light and life to that image taking your "brea-the' away !